Wesley Community Services
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WesleyLinks Partner Program

WesleyLinks is an interdenominational consortium of churches created in 2002 to enable churches to better serve seniors. Call us if you are interested in having your church become a WesleyLinks partner.

WesleyLinks Q & A

Question: How does a church become a WesleyLinks faith partner?
Answer: Please call Ja'Lah Willingham, Volunteer Coordinator, 513/661-2777 ext. 5428, email jwillingham@wesleycs.org.

Question: What is the purpose of WesleyLinks?
Answer: To help interested faith-based ministries to better serve their senior members.

Question: Who benefits from the WesleyLinks program?
Answer: WesleyLinks is a collaborative network that exists for the benefit of our faith partners, seniors in their congregation, and those who care for them.

Question: What services are available to WesleyLinks faith partners?
Answer: Wesley Community Services (WCS), as one resource to WesleyLinks churches, is improving the quality of life of seniors by providing home-delivered meals, medical transportation, and home care services. In addition, WCS offers:

  • Pet Portions program - provides free pet food cats and dogs that belong to our Meals-On-Wheels' clients.
  • Cincinnati Public Library's "Books by Mail" program - we promote this program by distributing the library's brochures.
  • Home repairs through a partnership with People Working Cooperatively.

Question: Why did Wesley Community Services decide to work with churches?
Answer: Wesley Community Services has a long history of service that began in the faith community, and our WesleyLinks faith partners help us carry on that tradition today.

Question: How do WesleyLinks faith partners help older adults?
Answer: Many seniors need the help of advocates and community-based services in order to live with dignity. By themselves, faith-based ministries and non-profits can not be all things to all people, but together we can provide information, referrals, and services to individuals who might otherwise not know where to turn for help.

Question: What are WesleyLinks faith partners doing now?
Answer: The WesleyLinks network recently established three geographic clusters of churches to better address the diverse needs of Cincinnati seniors: a northern Hamilton County cluster, a Westside cluster, and an Eastside cluster. Currently, the cluster groups are focusing on meeting the exercise and nutrition needs of seniors through a variety of activities.