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Meals4You® is a new initiative of Wesley Community Services that sells our home delivered meals to individuals of all ages.

Our meals are great for individuals that have issues with portion control, or are just finding it difficult to find a nutritionally appropriate satisfying meal.  Each meal contains the appropriate amount of nutrition along with the necessary information to make it easier for meal planning.  All of our meals list the number of calories, fat, carbohydrates, protein and sodium.  Our renal menu reflects the amounts of phosphorus and potassium per meal and our diabetic menu lists the number of carb choices per meal.

The meals are developed by licensed dietitians to meet the specific dietary needs of people with diabetes, cardiac and renal diseases and are approved by the American Diabetes Association of Cincinnati.

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Meals4You® Home Delivered Meals are the ideal option for individuals who are:

Recently diagnosed with diabetes, cardiac or renal issues
Looking for an affordable, easy to cook meal
Seeking a convenient tasty meal that controls portion sizes
Wanting to simplify meal planning

For more information or to order Meals4You® call: 513.244.5488 or 937.660.8033, or visit Meals4You.org.

“Meals4You is a tasty, nutritious meal option, one I often recommend to my patients.”

- Betsy Oriolo, Registered Dietitian in Northern KY

“This is a fabulous program, and many of our patients are benefiting from it.”

- JS / Cincinnati Physician

“This was a perfect gift for my mother who lives alone and hates to cook.  I’m now considering them for myself even though I don’t have diabetes. They’re healthy, affordable, and tasty.”

- TL, Meals4You® Customer in Northern KY

“I’ve lost around 20 pounds thanks to these meals. They’re convenient and flavorful, and they make it easy to control portions.”

- MC, Meals4You Customer in Northern KY