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Wesley Community Services Address

2091 Radcliff Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45204

Staff Contacts

Glenn Flick

Chief Financial Officer
Phone 513-661-2777 ext. 5430
Fax 513-389-3092

Michael Hodges

Director of Transportation and Nutrition
Phone 513-244-5483
Fax 513-389-3092

Tracy Carres

Account Executive – Meals4You®
Phone 513-508-0563
Orders 513-244-5488

Roger Begley

Home Delivered Meals – North Manager
Phone 513-661-2777
Fax 513-389-3092

Michael Ohmer

Development Coordinator
Phone 513-661-2777 ext. 5423
Fax 513-389-3092

Brian Lalley

Central Manager Home Delivered Meals
Phone 513-244-0661
Fax 513-389-3092

Anamarie Waite

Manager, Specialized Transportation
Phone 513-244-0671
Fax 513-389-3092